Digital Photography Tutorial Shapwick, “Develop Your Style And Retouch For It”

“Develop Your Style And Retouch For It” is the central theme of this tutorial. It addresses the issue where you shoot something that does not fit your vision then hoping Photoshop will come to the rescue will not produce fulfilling imagery. You probably found yourself in situations where you took a photo, but it failed to satisfy your taste. You try to address it with Photoshop and other similar software, but it fails to produce a satisfying result.

What this tutorial has to offer

This tutorial is in the form of a video that will take you on a trip I took a year or so ago. It will show me and several other people and our trip into nature where we took photos of the same. We all took photos of things that interested us and then we returned in the city and sat down to review what we did. Comments about photos ensued, and there was a lot of useful critique on how to improve various pictures and what would make them better than they were.

We head off before dawn and head out on location to Shapwick Heath on the wetlands of Somerset in England.

Here we explore several promising locations where we attempt to capture images that are in keeping with my vision/style.

We discuss what I’m trying to get the shots and explain why some don’t work for me although I try as I might produce something from them anyway.

Back in the studio, we view some of the images we captured and look at some of the finished files before being taken step by step through the retouching of one of the photos.

During the screencast, we see how the various adjustments can help accentuate what you have captured with the camera.

Relive the experience you see in this tutorial

Digital Photography

You might get the urge to repeat the experience from the video you see, and I can help you with that. An excellent thing about being a blogger and a photographer is that many people approach me with similar ideas. I connect those people with those that share their thoughts and organize groups that can repeat what we did on this occasion. So, contact me, and I will connect you with individuals that want to experience the same thing me and the group of people from the video experience.