Why I Love Panoramic Photography?

Many exciting forms of photography exist, and a lot of professional photographers decide to focus on one, or in some cases several types of photography. Some do this out of love for a photography type, while others decide to go for the most profitable option. The ultimate goal a photographer should strive toward is to find something at which they are good at as well as something they love to do as it should become the primary source of their income.

I have chosen panoramics as a focus in my line of work due to my love toward it. I can’t say that profit didn’t cross my mind, but the primary drive that got me invested in this form of photography was love.

What is my goal with panoramic photography?

Panoramics as a form of photography are considered more of an amateur art rather than a business that can produce a steady stream of profit. And in a way this is true. But my goal isn’t to be an unknown photograph who gets his 15 minutes of fame every once in a while. My goal is to spread the love toward panoramic photography and to create photos people will buy and use in their projects.

What panoramics mean to me?

As some will already be aware I shoot my fair share of Digital Panoramic Images and I’m probably not alone as I can name many landscape photographers who do also love this format.

The benefits for me are that…

Panoramic Photography

  • I can get a wide view of the scene but often not have to resort to using 24-28mm lenses.
  • Using slightly longer lenses compresses the scene slightly which is a look I favor.
  • Using Digital Photography and stitching techniques also have the benefit of extra image resolution.

A slight downside to the above is that sometimes panoramics can be a little tricky to get a strong composition from (or at least I think so).

If you are interested in shooting this format of digital photography check out my video tutorial.