Lens – Which Type To Use And When

Every professional photographer will tell you that going pro costs a lot of money. And indeed becoming a pro isn’t all about experience and talent as money plays a huge role in it. Going pro means investments in a new camera, as well as learning and buying additional equipment that will result in high-quality products.

The lens is part of that equipment, and you will find that many different types of the same exist. You could buy just one kind of lens and focus on what they are good at, but that will limit the range of pictures you will take. You should know what every type of lens is suitable for, as that will make you more money. You should also buy all general lens types and use them when the need arises. Every pro does this, and you shouldn’t be the one that doesn’t.

Common lens – Standard and wide angle

LensesAll lens found in this article is for DSLR, and interchangeable camera as these are the only cameras you will use as a pro. Every device you buy will come with a standard lens aka Kit. They are highly versatile with focal lengths between 18 and 70mm (depending on the manufacturer). This one is the easiest to use, and its viewing angle is similar to the eye.

The kit is an all-around lens that is good for everything but lacks options that would take it to the next level. Travelling photographers prefer it due to its versatility. If you don’t have money for any other, then the standard lens will do the trick. Just don’t take pictures that are from medium to high distance. Zooming is also troublesome with the standard options as it won’t give you a clear picture of the subject.

Wide angle is capable of capturing a wider angle than a human eye can see. It has a focal length between 24 and 35mm, but there are exceptions with an ultra-wide-angle lens that can capture even wider angles. It isn’t easy to use these as the ends of the picture may turn out curved.

Wide angle lens is perfect for taking landscape pictures as they produce shots that express the vastness of the place. Better devices at the market are also able to capture a lot of small details in those landscape pictures, which is why many pros use them on a regular basis.

Uncommon lens – Telephoto and Macro

A telephoto lens is used for taking pictures of far-away objects. Many nature photographers use them to make images of wild animals. It produces high-quality pictures that eliminate the sense of the distance from which the photo is taken.


A macro lens is intended for taking photos of tiny objects. It produces a 1-1 product which makes it possible to capture details that would be impossible without Macro. Photographers tend to use Macro when they want to take pictures of small insects and flowers. The high amount of details you see in a picture of something small is thanks to the use of the Macro lens.