Free Xbox Games With Gold For June 2021

One of the great perks of being an Xbox live subscriber is the chance to have unlimited access to a wide range of free games each month, and you can use both platforms Xbox Once and Xbox 360. If you are an owner of Xbox One, it means that your console is also compatible with the Xbox 360 titles. This is an excellent opportunity for all people to discover new titles they may not otherwise play. Maybe you just don’t have enough money to buy a new game each month, or you aren’t familiar with indie titles, or they just slipped under the radar, whatever the reason is, now you have a chance to try new games each month.

Even if you don’t have enough memory, or time to spare right now, you should claim them every month because you have free access, as long as you have an Xbox live account. Considering this is a monthly event, you should create a list of games you have free access to because it will be easier to track. So, here are some games that will be popular in June 2021.

Trials of the Blood Dragon

Engage in an epic single-player experience, combined with top-notch gameplay and unique style of Blood Dragon. Once you take control of Rex Power Colt’s cybercommand kids, they travel, shoot and tame through different setting and environments. You get to play 30 missions across seven different worlds. Players have a chance to experience fully animated scenes, colorful characters and self-contained stories that are set in the future, precisely 12 years after the events of Far Cry Blood Dragon.

Unlike the previous installments, this game isn’t only about the bikes anymore. It contains a lot of running, shooting, tanks, jetpacks, and BMXs to test your skills and play with. Here you will have fully animated cut-scenes that are full of humor, but also the weapons. If you have an adventurous spirit, then this game will blow your mind away. Don’t miss a chance to use your gaming experience and start playing the Trials of the Blood Dragon. While you try to unlock the Ominous Locked Safe using the cryptic clues, you will have a lot of obstacles along the way, but it will be an excellent way to entertain yourself and test your detective skills as well.


Blurring the lines between strategy and mayhem, Superhot is the FPS in which time moves only when you move, without regenerating the health bars. In this case, in just you against enemies and your ability to navigate through a hurricane of slow-motion bullets. The game has an excellent graphics, and it presents it presented something new and innovative on the market. With the minimal visual language help, the game lets you focus on the essential thing, and that’s gameplay and fight. Superhot has a couple of excellent features, such as endless mode – how long you can last against endless waves of enemies and challenge mode – the ability to play Superhot with your bare hands, without help.

Superhot game

It took thirty months to make this game and thousands of hours were put in development. This is one of the reasons why Superhot is an award-winning game, widely popular with gamers, innovative and simply said it’s a masterpiece. It is up to you whether you have the skills to plan your movement, dodge the bullets and win the battle. We can only confirm that Superhot is a game made for real adrenaline junkies who thrive on fighting and combat.

Brave –  the video game

If you are a fan of Disney moves and cartoons, then this game will be the real refreshment for you. The Brave is a third person action – adventure game which was released 2012, the same time as the movie. The main character is Merida, and the game features her adventures, and this is a first female leading character released by the studio. The Brave has a family-friendly storyline and various types of combats which involve, bow and arrow, as well as sword and it is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Since it’s inspired by the animated fantasy, the Brave will make you jump, run and battle through rugged landscapes of mythical Scotland. The purpose of the leading character is to save a kingdom, so you will have to use different combat modes, defeat fierce enemies and break a magical curse. But, you are not only limited to a leading female character because you can choose other entertaining characters from the movie. They also have an ability to travel through mystical world, solve puzzles and discover secrets. The game features single and multi-player mode, but also play as bear mode, which can be exciting.

Quantum Conundrum

We all love to visit our uncles, especially when we are younger. But, what happens when your uncle gets kidnaped and transferred into another dimension? Well, that’s basically the storyline of the Quantum Conundrum. A young boy arrives at his uncle house, but he is not there to greet him, and the house looks weirder then it was the last time he’d been there. The first thing that greets him there is an explosion, and his job is to find his uncle, using his newest invention, the interdimensional shift device, go between dimensions, solve puzzles and try to save him. The IDS device will help you through the entire game. You can switch the dimensions, make things heavier or lighter, work your way through the complex mansion and rescue your uncle.

You will need all your wit and intelligence to solve complicated puzzles to save your uncle. This is a fun and challenging game for all ages. It will provide you a lot of entertainment, and you can play it together with your family.