Current Episodes

Lighting Cars on Location (With $40 Worth Of Lighting)

A 2 Part Video which covers lighting a car on location with one light costing less than $40.00 In Part 2 you can work along with images supplied to create the finished image.

This two-part video will help you to take a photo of a standing car properly. It explains the importance of proper lighting and instructs you on how to do it. A must buy for anyone that is in the business of taking car pictures.

“Jaguar XK Photoshop Car Photography Tutorial” Compositing A New Environment

Jaguar XKBlending several images seamlessly together to create a stunning composite shot is a “must” technique for any serious photographer/retoucher. This two-part Adobe Photoshop & Car Photography training video takes you through the creation of a composite image of the Jaguar XK.

This video is somewhat self-explanatory, and any serious photographer will want it in their collection. It goes into small details that focus on blending with a goal to produce unbelievably fabulous pictures. The tutorial will show you everything from basic to the sophisticated blending options.

“Action Panns Moving Car Photography” Capturing Cars in Motion

Ever struggled to capture an image in motion? In this two-part digital photography tutorial, we show you how to achieve stunning moving car photography images of cars in motion by showing you the step by step techniques Simon uses.

Capturing a moving object in a photo isn’t as hard as it was several years ago. But you will still struggle to achieve it and get a picture worth the time. This 90 minutes video will tell you everything you need to know about this type of photography.

Transitioning Into Professional Photography

Get the advice and insights that every aspiring Professional Photographer should know how to develop your style to work out what to charge your clients.

The transition from amateur to professional photography can be a rough ride if you don’t know what to expect. Many aspiring photographers fail to become professionals because they enter the professional side of industry without an instructional video like this.

“Praha 44” The High Def Look

Work along with the supplied images and create this historic scene from wartime occupied Prague with a contemporary High Def. style.

The high definition is a must in every photo you want to sell. The age of the photo doesn’t matter as there are tools that can turn an old picture into the High Def. piece within a short period. This video explains it through an example of a WW2 image being turned into a High Def. one.