Fishing Hut, Cape Cornwall-Revisited

It’s rare for me to go back to images that I have already finished and start to retouch them all over again.Re doing something you have already done is rarely that enjoyable the second time around and you lose some of the excitement of seeing the image develop (digitally on screen) from what’s in your mind into something nearly physical.

Trouble is over time our photographic vision or the style within it changes or we simply gain more skills and have older images somewhere that we feel where not as well retouched as they could have been when we first did them.

This particular image was taken in Cape Cornwall a couple of years ago for one of my very first Digital Photography Videos. There is nothing wrong with how I created the image first time around but I never felt it quite captured the location as I had intended.With some rare spare time on my hands over the Christmas period I decided to reprocess and retouch the image again.

How does it compare with the original ? well I think it speaks for itself, it’s more subtle in tone and colour than the original which is how my vision has progressed over the past few years.

This new interpretation is now forming part of my new Portfolio and images on my commercial website