“The Ice Tree Of Neroche” Digital Photography eWorkbook

Here is our latest eWorkbook titled “The Ice Tree Of Neroche” Emulating The Lith Print In The Digital Age

My first love is and always has been Colour Photography but there is no doubt that Black & White photography can offer us an extra step away from reality and the opportunity to really push our creativity.
Back in the days of film, dark rooms and toxic chemicals ! there was one Black & White process I did love to dabble in, which is also one of the most beautiful and that is Lith printing.

Often awkward to print and difficult to consistently reproduce it often remained in the hands of only the most skilled darkroom professionals to successfully print with.

In this step by step 80 page Digital Photography eWorkbook we  supply you with the Raw image and the skills to emulate digitally this beautiful darkroom process so you can create one of the most beautiful of Black & White processes.

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