Praha “44″ Portfolio Image & Video

I’ve been working on some new ideas for my book (Portfolio) and decided to produce an image that inspired me several years ago.

In 2006 I went to Prague to shoot some images and 360 HDR Spheres for some CGI images of Trucks that I was collbortating on with CGI Artist Andrew Jackson.

CGI Image Mercedes Actros Truck On Charles Bridge Prague.
CGI Image Mercedes Actros Truck On Charles Bridge Prague.

One morning while there I found myself wandering the streets in the dark (Pre Dawn) around the Charles Bridge shooting some of the beautiful buildings and cobbled streets.

While studying the scene below (steps leading down from the bridge) in the slighly damp eerie dark of that particular November morning I could easily envisage a scene from the occupied era of Prague in front of me.

I decided it could at some point make a great backdrop to a composit image complete with a German Officer.

5 years on and Praha “44″ is the name of the image I’m now producing not only for my book but I’ve also been asked to produce a 2 part video tutorial of the making of it for a photography training publisher.

I have now booked my model, sourced an authentic German Officer’s uniform and found a suitable secluded location to shoot the image.Apparently the model was not keen on being seen walking around dressed like Reinhard Heydrich !

Lighting the model should be fun as I’ll need to keep the lighting in fitting with the background street lamps while adding some subtle additions to bring out details in both the model and the dark uniform.

I’ll post some images and video clips here once the images are shot later this week.