Praha “44″ Sneak Peek

Last night after a shoot lasting several hours I captured a fantastic selection of images of my model Adam for my Praha “44″ image.

I have a lot of post production work to do before the image is completed in it’s background but here is a sneak peek of my final choice from my shortlist of model images.

As I had expected most of the time during the shoot was spent fine tuning the lighting to fit my background image but it was time well spent as it’s going to come together perfectly when completed.

Here is a rough visual I had put together (you can see why I’m a photographer and not an artist can’t you!) of my vision for the final image.


A big thanks to The Monks Yard for the studio space and to Adam my very patient and fantastic looking German General (he almost looked a bit too convincing!)

This will be a worthy addition to my new commercial book and website at when it’s completed, the video tutorial of the making of this image will be available soon on ProPhotoInsights.Net.