Abandoned Airfield

As I have mentioned in other recent posts we have had a significant amount of snow here in the U.K during the last few weeksThe other night the cold clear sky promised a stunning sunset so I decided to brave the cold and set out to take some images at an Airfield called Merryfield. I chose this location not only as it was within walking distance from my home (using the car was not an option) but also because I knew the light would be beautiful and in an ideal position for the image I had (very loosely) planned in my head.
Merryfield Airfield was opened in 1944, and used during the second world war by both the Royal Air Force and the United States Air Force. It’s still used today for training helicopter pilots but this particular winter’s evening all was very quiet and presented quite an eerie atmosphere
As the sun dropped so did the temperature and in the distance I noticed some icy cold mist starting to build and roll towards me across the deserted runway which further added to the atmosphere.
It was a thrilling sight viewing this mist build up backlit against the golden setting sun and I was so transfixed I forgot the cold temperature being only concerned with watching and capturing everything happening before me.
The position I took up to capture the image shows the Guard Hut at the entrance of the airbase and the view across the historic runway complete with mist and fading winter light.

As with most of my Digital Photography I don’t care to purely document a scene but to represent it as I saw or felt it .Sometimes this can involve removing objects,compositing new elements into the scene or simply manipulating the colour.

With this shot I did all of the above including enhancing the mist to make it stand out better.I also decided the wind sock would be better suited a little further to the left than where it was originally placed within the scene.