Photography Sharing – Two Sides Of A Coin

The internet isn’t as regulated as some would like you to believe and this, in many cases, is a good thing. Strict regulations would hamper the freedom people have, and this would have adverse effects on many virtual communities.

Photography is a field that flourished due to the vastness of the internet. This also means that photography as an industry experienced both food and bad things that internet brought. An excellent example of this is the photo sharing.

Sharing photos – It can be both good and bad

If you go out, take a picture and post it, the photo in question is your creation, and thus you own it. But if you post it on a form then someone else might download it and use the photo without asking for your permission or paying you for its use. Now, you won’t care about this if you aren’t making money through photography. But, if selling photos are your source of income then it is reasonable to assume that you will be upset by this.

You can find dozens upon dozens of forums that allow posting and download of all pictures on the same. A forum like that is an excellent place to see some exciting pieces and to learn something about photography in general. It is also a great place to learn about directions in which the photo markets are moving and to get some basic idea on what can make you some money at the moment. But these forums aren’t suitable for the sale of your work as no strict regulations exist that would prevent illegal use of the same.

Use forums to advertise your work

PhotographyThe best use you can get out of unregulated forums is an advertisement. You can’t prevent others from using your work in their pursuits of the profit, but you can deter them through the use of some personal additions to the work you create.

You shouldn’t post more than a few works on a forum. Remember, a forum isn’t an online gallery, but a place where you can showcase your skills. Photos you post should tell people about our work, and those interested in it will buy your products. Be sure to set up an account on a site that focuses on the photo sale. Sites like that have regulations that prevent others from illegal use of works that are sold there. A place like that is an excellent starting point for an inexperienced photographer.