Photography Vision, What Are You Saying ?

Next time you pick up your camera to shoot what’s in front of you why not pause for a second to ask yourself why ?
Why are you drawn to shoot what is in front of you? and what are you looking to convey in the image? Why bother ? I can hear you saying
Well asking yourself what makes you tick when you pick up a camera can reveal a lot about yourself and that unique thing called vision that we all posses but can rarely explain.
This is not only an enlightening exercise to do but can help you understand and develop your vision further which in turn can allow your images stand out from the crowd from everyone else’s.
Your vision is made up of your personal experiences of life growing up and is constantly evolving as we grow and experience more in our daily lives.

My own work compared to several years ago has in the main changed tempo as I tend to seek out quiet moments (probably due to having a hectic home life with 3 young kids :] !) Most of it is captured in colour (as it always has been) and I use colour to help convey the scene as I saw and felt it rather than show a neutral or faithful colour balance.
I prefer slightly longer lenses where possible and look for clean uncluttered compositions often shot under soft light as opposed to contrasty direct light which I sought out in my early work.
I could go on but I don’t want to bore further about my vision but I think you can see it can be an interesting exercise to do.
Why not sit down and print off some of your favourite images and see if you can find similarities running through them and if so write them down.

Maybe you will find that most of your favourite shots use motion,soft back light and subdued colours to convey what you captured and these could well be a few of your tools that you use to express your vision.